Washington DC Women's Zebra Print Non-Zip Hoodie

Washington DC Women's Zebra Print Non-Zip Hoodie
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Product Description

The Zebra Hoodie

A warm and comfortable souvenir from Washington DC.

These featured zebra prints Washington DC Hoodies are everywhere in "Washington DC".Embroidered and come in vibrant colors.

This Washington DC Hoodie reminds you of the GREAT National Zoo.

This DC Zebra Hoodie is the perfect item to wear as you walk with your family around the National Zoo.

Washington DC Zerba Hoodies don't necessarily block the wind but they actually absorb the wind and with your body hear you become insulated from the environment.

Buy one today - you won't be disappointed.

Can science and fashion work together and we just don't realize it?

The zebra pattern - why do so many people love this design? We are just learning why the Zebras love it. Many scientists are coming to realize how the zebra got it's stripes – the answer is not as black and white as you might think.

They say that keeping disease-carrying flies at bay might be a better reason and not being thought of as camouflage is how the stripes likely evolved. We know this sounds bizarre, but studies are showing this zebra pattern makes it difficult for flies to land. The Zebra bands are very efficient at keeping flies away. Does this work for the Zebra Hoodies too?

Stripes on the Zebra's lower legs are are particularly thin – The legs are an area that flies are drawn to when they suck blood from other animals such as horses and cows. Across the face of the Zebra, the lines narrow confusing flies, and this area is close to the grazing level.

You can say the Zebra Hoodie has four great reasons now to be worn.
1. They look great on you.
2. The Zebra Hoodie is so warm on a cold spring or fall night.
3. It is still ideal for city camouflage.
4. and now we are aware that they may keep those blood sucking flies away!! Which is just a bonus.

Manufacturer Description

A warm and comfortable souvenir from Washington DC. These feature zebra print all over with "Washington DC" embroidered in vibrant colors.

Product Features

60% Polyester, 40% Cotton Colored hood matching the letters. Single Pocket Pouch. Zebra Stripes printed all over. Vibrant letters embroidered to the front.

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