Washington DC Sports

Washington DC Sports

Washington DC sports-

This city has fantastic college sports teams, major league sports teams, and a variety of other sports team and individual sports.

The Washington DC metro is also the hometown to several major sports venues including Robert F Kenndy (RFK) Stadium, Verizon Center, Nationals Park, and FedEx Field.

The United States press is overly focused on stories of disaster, decay, catastrophe, and failure. Any team in any sport in any town can fulfill that focus over any weekend. And when that team is in the Nations Capitol - Like Washington DC - that will sell papers and makes the city talk about one thing - THAT team.

Getting HOT, staying hot and then dropping is a story that the DC Sports fan is so accustomed too. These stories about the Washington DC sports teams make for some perfect souvenirs, gifts, and memories.

When you make it to DC whatever time of the year - you find a home team in town that you can cheer for. No matter where you are in America, all year long, you will find a game in a major city near you. Tickets range from $8 (in what we know as the ‘Nose Bleed’ section) to over $300 plus. BUT DC has some of the counties favorite teams.

Here's a collection you could start - get a jersey, t-shirt or souvenir from every team in the DC area ... below are a list of the teams you would need an item from ... We can help with that even the Chesapeake Bayhawks have a shirt on our site.

Team Name Sport

Washington Redskins Football
Washington Nationals Baseball
Washington Capitals Hockey
D.C. United Soccer
Washington Wizards Basketball

Washington Mystics Basketball

Chesapeake Bayhawks Lacrosse


American University

The George Washington University

Georgetown University

George Mason University

Howard University

University of Maryland

University of the District of Columbia

The Catholic University of America

Gallaudet University

Trinity Washington University


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