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Washington DC Sweatshirts for Adults, Teens & Kids. Washington DC 1790 Charcoal /Black  Hoodie Pullover  (Sweatshirt) with all kinds of colors.

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A hoodie we also call a hooded sweatshirt or (hoody) is an outer shirt or sweatshirt with a hood. They sometimes include a muff sewn into the lower front, a hood, and it uses a drawstring to make adjustments to the hood opening.

Hoodies are a documented part of guys and gals wear for 100's of years.   The word "hood" comes from the Anglo-Saxon word "h?d".  This style can be traced back to Medieval Europe of all places when the ordinary clothing for monks would include a hood called a cowl attached to robes or tunics.  This hooded was a cape and was very commonly worn by anyone working outdoors. Its appearance was first discovered in England at least as early as the 12th century.  It was brought in as the Normans conquered England.  Hoodies or sweatshirt with hoods were first produced in the United States as soon as the 1930s. The hoodies we know and wear were first produced by Champion in the 1930's.  The term hoodie entered popular usage in the 1990s.

DC men's hoodies

Throughout the United States of America, the hoodie is commonly worn by middle school, high school, and college students.  They wear sweatshirts—with or without hoods—that exhibit their respective school mascots and names. They wear the school names across the chest or on the back, either as part of a uniform or as their own personal preferences. Hoodies are part of the mainstream fashion in the U.S., changing the clothing item's original purpose, a lot like jeans.  The hoodie has found its way into so many different styles, even so far as to be worn under a suit jacket.


We also carry - DC full zip Hoodies


Remember a hoodie is really just a Washington DC sweatshirt with a hood attached. Have fun finding the right one for you.

NHL Washington Capitals Score NHL Full Zip Hoodie

One thing I like about full zip hoodies is the convenience they allow the user. This full-zip hoodie comes just right; it fits in every aspect. Surprisingly, while it may appear bulky, it’s actually light when you wear it. Maybe it’s because of the cotton material used to make it. The color variation in the embroidered graphics on the hoodie brings out a stylish and elegant effect when matches with jeans or other pants. The hood is a perfect size and fit, not too short and not too long. It makes the whole hoodie feel comfortable.

The thing I like most about the hoodie is the convenience of style it allows the wearer. You can wear it when you’re riding your bike, you can wear it with a shirt or a t-shirt, and you can wear it inside a jacket. The pockets are well designed to look upwards such that nothing can fall out once put in. Apart from the hood straps to adjust when it gets a little breezy, the soft fleece lining makes the hoodie warm, and so it’s perfect for a cold day. Overall, this hoodie is all rounded wear, perfect for a cold or sunny day. And you do not have to worry about washing it, and it does not shed color easily.

Women's Hooded Sweatshirt - DC's most popular neighborhoods

I was looking for a hoodie to make me stand out or in slang ‘look fresh,’ and that’s how I bumped into this cool black hooded sweatshirt. This well-crafted hoodie fits the body perfectly which was one of the things I needed from a hoodie. Although it does not have a lot of details, the Washington DC inscription on the bosom part adds some excitement to the plain color. The hoodie is convenient for any weather and can be paired with any color. What’s more, the hoodie comes in a variety of colors like pink and blue. You do not have to worry about washing it, the 50/50 variation of cotton and polyester makes it machine washable. This is the perfect hoodie for a classic out and about day.

Los Angeles Pop Art Girl's Hoodies - WASHINGTON DC NEIGHBORHOODS

This hoodie is just perfect. Made of 100% cotton, the hoodie is an excellent choice for kids who need to be consistently warm during chilly days. This perfectly crafted hoodie features a moderately sizeable hood, upward facing pockets and ‘Washington DC’ inscriptions on the bosom part. For a child, this hoodie is convenient due to its light weight and cozy feeling meaning your child can play around in the hoodie and not feel the need to remove it. Also, the high cotton material used to make it makes the hoodie washable, so you need not worry about stains and dirt.

Washington DC Women's Gray with Pink Letters Hoodie

This hoodie is what every girly girl would need on a typical day. This casual hoodie comes with a pink hood lining and writings to go with hence giving a graffiti-like look which adds some excitement to the outfit. It comes embroidered with ‘Washington DC’ on the front with pink as the writing color. The pockets are extremely made to fit, not too wide or baggy and not too tiny. The hood part is long and deep, which is really cool especially if you don’t want your hair to be messy or dusty. If style and comfort are what you are looking for, then this hoodie is exactly what you need. It’s both pretty, warm and stylish making it convenient for cool summer nights.


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