Washington DC Cherry Blossom

Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom

The BEST gifts of Washington DC Cherry Blossom

Just out at 4:10 p.m. a new
update:  Because of the current and the feature
predicted warm temperatures, the National Park Service has
changed its peak bloom date forecast by two weeks from to
March 31-Apr. 3 to March 18-23.  THAT'S NEXT WEEK ...

The Park Service factored in the above average March
temperatures in the Washington DC area,  into the
original prediction date, and then with potentially
record-setting temperatures, that will averaging nearly 20
degrees above normal for the next week.  The Washington
DC National Parks Services has significantly accelerated the
bloom watch.  

The blooms have already started and will last until the 20th
of April or so.  The good news is that all the
Washington DC Cherry Blossom souvenirs and gifts are out in
full force.  See that collection of Washington DC
souvenirs below and anywhere on our site.  If you don't
see something you need or want .. Let me know, I live near
DC and can get anything you might need.  

Spring weather has burst into D.C.  Washingtonians are
drifting away from snowflakes and toward cherry blossoms and
spring.  The only thing better than walking past the
Cherry Blossoms in March and April is to Sail by them from a
sailboat from our favorite sailing school in

Click here to see the website of the Woodbridge sailing school.

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