Three (3) Usama Bin Laden FBI Most Wanted Posters - Via Seal Team 6

Price: $ 5.95

What the Seller Says

FBI TEN MOST WANTED FUGITIVE USAMA BIN LADEN Marked DECEASED It's like our new "Don't tread On Me" (For a limited time, get THREE posters for the price of ONE.) This poster represents a part of history. Every American cheered when our Military served justice. Now you can show your colors by getting and displaying your very own copy of the FBI's Wanted Poster of Usama bin Laden. Yes, proudly marked DECEASED. Reproduced on 11" X 17" acid free cover stock. This poster will last a lifetime. This poster will make a great gift for any Police Officer, member of the Military, or just like you, a fellow patriot. Display them with pride. Put one away as a collectors item. Caution: There were MILLIONS of the original posters printed by the US Government. That means they are not rare, nor do they command a high price. Don't be a sucker... Shipped first class mail in a protective tube. That means we are not going to fold it all up and stuff it in an envelope. Get yours TODAY! The sale of this poster is in no way affiliated with Seal Team Six. It's marked DECEASED due to their efforts.