Chic 3 in 1 US President Seal Jumbo Badge Button Pin 3.75 Inches

Chic 3 in 1 US President Seal Jumbo Badge Button Pin 3.75 Inches
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Manufacturer Description

This Chic US Presidential Seal JUMBO Badge Button Pin measures 3.75 inches (95 mm.) in diameter, round. Its area and diameter are 9 and 3 times compared to those of pin buttons 1.25" diameter respectively. Size is about 13 times of $1 coin. Not only you can pin it on backpack, flag, jacket, luggage, purse, t-shirt, ..., with its Chic Stand design you can also put it on bed head, desk, display window, showcase, table, TV, or anywhere else you can imagine. Various impressive utilities. Elaborated by The Pin Badge Master with over a decade of experience: Awesome Quality You Can Trust ^v^. Sold by Chicquick Store: Your Chic & Quick Solutions ^_^

Product Features

Jumbo US Presidential Seal Badge Button Pin, round, 3.75" in diameter, weight 1.09 oz (31 g) Chic design of both metal pin-back (1" long) and stand-back (2.16" high) Vibrant image, professionally printed, celluloid protective covering of image Shell made of strong metal (magnetic pull) that resists bending. Stand-back made of hard plastic Various utilities: US pride symbol, campaign, collectible, clothing accessories, gift, home decor, party favors, prize, fair-goers, souvenir, ... Awesome quality you can trust ^v^

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