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Washington DC Christmas Ornaments

Washington D.C. Christmas Ornaments

Sparkling, Elegant, beautiful gold and silver, little white colors highlight the 2015 Washington DC Christmas Ornaments.  The 2015 Washington DC Christmas Ornament was designed in honor of the National Park Service Centennial.  Tons of Tree Ornaments decorate each Christmas Tree.

It has been since 2008, seven years in a row, that LED lights have been used exclusively to turn on the glamor of the National Tree.   2015 is also the 53rd year that  GE provide all the lights for this event.  

Some of the reasons people love the Washington DC Christmas Ornament are because of the warm white micro-net lights.  These lights provide the baseline of lights, with a topping of twinkling icicle lights that provide subtle animation and texture.   The designer also created vertical garland flowing down the tree.  But it's the illuminated pure white star ornaments arranged along the gold ribbon that provides a pleasing silver color contrast and allows all the colors to complement each other. 

The stars on the Washington DC Christmas Ornament pay tribute to the National Park Service (NPS) Centennial – for 100 years we have been enjoying national parks, known as the “shining stars” throughout our nation.  This ornament will quickly become an heirloom with its star-shaped topper, and it once again adorns the top of the tree.  We sell this ornament with the hope it becomes that family heirloom and placed on the Christmas Tres every year at tradition.  

The total wattage of the approximately 600 LED icicle lights and lights, including the LED star ornaments – is about 6,000 watts.  We can calculate the total cost to keep the National Christmas tree light over the holiday season is about $150.  The lights will be on every day from early evening to about ten p.m.  This cost is down from Christmas's in the past.  

Light inspires us.  We are all proud to be part of this unique holiday tradition.  These small ornaments help us to enjoy and celebrate the season of light.  LED technology is making it possible to be more creative, and energy efficient at the same time.  

We have Christmas souvenir's from DC and sell them all year around.  

We also want to serve our customers that have dyslexia like our owner does and say that these Christams tree ornaments are treasures you'll keep.

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