STRATCOIN Pyramid Shaped Rotatable Military Challenge Coin & Poker/Casino Chip Display (BLACK)

STRATCOIN Pyramid Shaped Rotatable Military Challenge Coin & Poker/Casino Chip Display (BLACK)
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Manufacturer Description

Finally! An innovative military challenge coin display--STRATCOIN--the 'STRAT'egic 'COIN' display...and it ROTATES! STRATCOIN transcends the traditional wooden coin display, priding itself as the only display in the world of its kind! Invented & patented by a service- disabled veteran, STRATCOIN is a four-sided static pyramid collectible display designed for your most coveted challenge coins, poker and casino chips alike! It's sleek design & functionality holds 22 coins and/or casino chips that may vary in size & shape! PLUS, STRATCOIN can display your business cards OR an engraved brass plate! Made of high quality, durable plastic (approx 9"x9"x9"), STRATCOIN boasts both high gloss & textured contours to provide just the right contrast under any lighting condition--buy STRATCOIN for yourself or a fellow service member! Well known as an awesome gift and conversational piece for your home and office--enjoy!, they deserve it. Colors: Black. COINS, STICKERS & BRASS PLATES SHOWN IN PHOTOS ARE NOT INCLUDED. This item is non-electric. (Recommended Business Card and/or Brass Plate Size: 2 in. x 3.5 in.) P.S. If you've gotten this far in reading the description, you're more than interested and deserve a special thanks--either for your direct service to our country or indirect service, which is just as special, as a spouse or family member of a service member. I've proudly served and have designed a product I'm proud to see on a soldier's, sailor's, airman's, marine's or veteran's desk. Each one of their coins represents a specific time and event in their life as a veteran. I designed this product with that in mind; simply rotate the pyramid, pick up a soldier's coin and it will definitely have a story behind it--if it can be told (lol) --enjoy! For display accessories (brass plates), search Amazon for "STRATCOIN" Regards, T. Oakley President & CEO, Coinsation LLC

Product Features

Rotatable Pyramid Challenge Coin & Poker Chip Display (BLACK) Holds up to 22 Military Challenge Coins and/or Casino & Poker Chips! Pefect as a Business Card Holder and Desktop "conversational piece!" Innovative, High Quality Black Plastic (textured) Design --Holds Engravable Brass Plates for Awards & Recognition (not included) Invented by a Service-Disabled Military Veteran! --For display accessories (brass plates), search Amazon for "STRATCOIN"

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