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Official D.C. Souvenirs

Top 11 Offical D.C. Souvenirs 

What are the top 11 D.C. Souvenirs that we sell over the last four years?  It's crazy, but we have tons and tons of data of the different items people look to buy on their vacation or as a memory of their vacation.  We will do the Late Night show method and rank them from 11 to number 1.

Number 11 - Washington DC Snow Globe - A winter snow will stop the City of DC.  This Washington DC Snow Globe is a reminder that we are not really in control of everything in our lives. 

 Number 10 - The Washington D.C. Souvenir Decorative Plate  - OK this is weird, but souvenir plate is still so popular.  Features the White House,  the US Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, and of course the Washington Monument.

Number 9 - Washington DC Flag Women's T-Shirt in powder blue!  - The American visitor and the t-shirt have been a love affair for over 60 years, and this t-shirt is no exception.  Visitors love having a souvenir that they can wear - I think it helps as a conversation starter. 

 Number 8 - Washington D.C. Souvenir Paperweight Vietnam Solders - Maybe it's because we get a lot of soldiers visiting our site but this D.C. Souvenir goes out of stock quickly.  Beautiful replica of the Vietnam soldiers. Constructed with a wood base and polyresin. Meticulously detailed. The base has four rubber pads. This model is 5 1/2" high by 5 1/2" wide by 3" deep

 Number 7 - Oval Washington, D.C. Monuments Desk Statue - 8" Wide - Not nearly to scale but it still has many of the visitor's highlights.  The front reads "Washington DC."

 Number 6 - Fodor's Washington, D.C. 25 Best (Full-color Travel Guide) - The travel guide.  Here is a city where you'll want to have a plan maybe not every day but at least 4 of the 5 days you are here.  Even with a plan you'll miss a lot - Washington DC is a multi-visit city!!

Number 5 - 1926 Print Washington D.C. Monument Cherry Blossom Trees Floral Botanical Botany - I made them verify this chose but it true - the D.C. print of the Washinton Monument and Cherry Blossom is a big favorite.  Once you've seen it you'll know why.

Number 4 - I Love Heart Washington DC Pink Kids T-Shirt - Again it's that connection with visitors and t-shirts that connect people with a great family memory.  The t-shirt helps you remember that Washington DC for kids is really a true statement!

Number 3 - Washington D.C. Mug - Abraham Lincoln Series, Washington DC Mugs, Washington D.C. Souvenirs, Washington DC Coffee Mugs - OK this is my favorite type of souvenir - a coffee mug that reminded me of that great vacation to Washinton DC

number 2 - Washington D.C. Souvenir Christmas ORNAMENT Gift Capitol White House Monuments Memorials - Christmas ornaments are very special gifts to help you remember the places you have been to.  They force you to remember at least once a year!!

And the Number 1 D.C. Souvenir and Gift is ----

 Hooded Sweatshirt - Washington thru DC Hoodie Sweatshirt

the hoodie - fashion and will keep you warm -- visitors love wearing their memories ... 


Let us know what your favorite is too!!