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Kids Gifts from Washington DC: Top 5 Souvenirs plus 2 bonus items


Kids Souvenirs WDC

Give Washington DC souvenirs and gifts that are perfect for your children and not spend a ton of time looking in the stores.  We specialized in gifts and souvenirs from Washington DC.  We live right outside DC and travel to the city almost every day.  I see thousands of visitors every year stand in hot, cold, wet or humid days looking for that perfect DC gift or souvenir.   My solution was to bring the power of Amazon and niche down to items that you can get on the streets of DC anytime of the year. 

It can be difficult to figure out what to get kids as souvenirs from WDC, especially if you're shopping for children that are of varying ages. It's a good thing there are plenty of choices here on www.moregiftsofdc.com.  No need to worry, because we'll get you started. Here are the best picks of Washington DC kids' souvenirs.

#1  US Presidents Pocket Flash Cards!Washington DC President cards

Kids love Official White House Historical Association Portraits Of 43 Presidents; it also includes seven timeline cards, and of course three cards on how we got political parties and some history about them.   Ideal for homeschoolers, and anyone planning a trip to DC. 56 two-sided cards per set. 

#2  Blue w/ Gold - US Capitol Presidential Seal Coin in Wood Box Capitol Presidential seal coin

KID's LOVE coins - They place a lot of value on them because we place so much value on money.  Ordering this Presidential coin will be a keepsake for years. In the United States, 13 is an unlucky number.  You will rarely see the 13th floor in any building in the US.  Friday the 13th is made out to be an unlucky day but in reality, it's a great number for the country.  Thirteen is the number of states that started our country.  The official description of our nation's the seal should have thirteen stars in the "glory" on top of the eagle's head. There are 13 stripes on the shield. The eagles claws will have 13 arrows in it.  Also, since the year 1885, there are 13 olives and leaves on the olive branch. Even the motto has 13 letters in it "e Pluribus Unum" (out of many one) and "euphoric cœptis" (favor our undertakings).

#3  Washington D.C. Souvenir Baseball  Washington DC Gift and Souvenir Baseball

What fan of baseball or even just a patriotic young person won't like a DC Souvenir baseball?  It's still our countries best past time event.  These baseballs are designed for the young and the young at heart!  The landmarks are printed on high quality, leather-like feel material which is hand-stitched over a proper weight hard center. The Washington DC baseball makes the perfect souvenir gift for the baseball collector and enthusiast!

We also have a signed baseball from Bryce Harper -
Bryce Harper Baseball

#4  District of Columbia Washington DC Cherry Blossoms 2003 US 37c MNH Stamps 3813 by USPS  Washington DC Cherry Blossom Stamps

In Washington, DC adults and kids alike are fascinated by the history of this city.   This gift and souvenir can get your son or daughter started in discovering that history and become the start of a fun hobby.  Getting this Cherry Blossom stamp page will only increase in value as your young child gets older.  Plus it will become rare after the city becomes a state.  Something DC has been pushing for over 20 years now.

#5  Washington, DC City Skyline - Tee Shirt  DC Skyline

This incredibly soft tee shirt is always a favorite - because it shows the skyline of DC from the Virginia side of the city.  This skyline is like no other in the world - as it depicts the most powerful city in the world. 
This is also an excellent gift to order if you have more than one child.  Getting the same shirt in different sizes keeps the jealousy from creeping up on a child that might feel short changed. 

#6  Delux Military Law Enforcement Cap Hat- FBIFBI Cap

The FBI is still cool.  The headquarters of the FBI is a great place to visit, and your kids will love this hat as a gift.  The FBI HAT is a deluxe Law Enforcement ball cap features an embroidery on a sandwich bill, a 3-D HD (high definition) embroidery on the front,  and embroidered brim bill with text.  The LOGO is woven on, and it has an adjustable hook and loop strap for a comfort. These Law Enforcement baseball caps come in Security caps, Sheriff Caps, Police Caps, Patrol Caps,  Fire Department Caps and Border FBI Caps.

#7  New Era Washington Redskins Gradation Stretch Fit CapWashington DC Redskins cap for sale

No list of souvenirs and gifts from Washington DC would be complete without a mention of one or all of their sports teams.  We have selected the New Era Washington Redskins Cap.  It's new, fresh and superbly made to endure day after day after day use from your families Redskins fan.  We have a selection of all the Washington sports teams jerseys, caps, and team items we are sure you'll love to review. 

With so many possible choices for souvenir ideas in WDC, you'll be able to get easily everything you desire and make some lucky kids very happy! - just visit the MORE GIFTS OF DC website and get those gifts delivered right to your front door.