Washington DC Souvenir Hunt

Turning DC into your personal play ground. 

If you have a family, and you've been hunting for new ideas to keep them entertained, you've probably come across scavenger hunts recently. The latest fun way to get families out and about, scavenger hunts are based on the old-style treasure hunt, but with a modern twist.

The quests involve getting a group together and then competing to see how many items you can find from a list. If you don't think that sounds awesome, read on. List items can be whacky or tough to source, funny or obscure, making the scavenger hunt a lively, challenging way of exploring the hidden nooks and crannies of a location, so you see it in an entirely new light.Washington DC Souvenir Hunt

The weirdest things on scavenger hunt lists.  When it comes to creating your scavenger hunt list, the most powerful tool at your disposal is your imagination. Items such as take-out menus, restaurant napkins and a recipe from a resident are all pretty quirky, but how about trying to collect a receipt for exactly 50 cents of gas, a used bus ticket to a set destination, or the fifth item from the bottom of a stranger's handbag? Hunts can be tailored to each family member, giving a combination of simple and stretching challenges geared towards different ages, for a really fun day out together.

Rich pickings in vibrant Washington DC.

Of all the places on the map, DC presents one of the most fertile hunting grounds for scavenger hunting, encouraging groups to explore in and around Washington and the tidal basin. By studying the area with a new perspective, even seasoned residents get to view the District in an entirely different way. Hunts can be tailored to take in the major sights including Arlington Cemetery, the Pentagon and Ronald Reagan Airport, the Potomac River or other attractions, with a series of clues leading to the 'treasures' on the list.

Bringing people together, in new ways.

Scavenger hunts or Souvenir hunts (what we call them) are not just perfect for beating vacation boredom, they are also a really positive way of forging deeper bonds, teamwork and creative problem solving for kids and parents alike. Because all of the items on the scavenger list are either low-cost or free, there's no restrictions around budgeting for a family day out other than a $10 metro card. However, for visitors to the District, it's always an excellent idea to include a cool Washington DC souvenir, so there's a lasting reminder of the day when the family returns home!

Choosing a hosted scavenger hunt.

If you're looking for a fully-organized and organized hunt, there are a few great companies in DC who will take all the planning out of the day, and create a tailored hunt specifically to meet your family's preferences, age range and interests. Firms including Watson Adventures and Scavenger Hunt DC and Hunt DC all offer hunts of any duration from two to four hours, using expert knowledge of Washington DC for kids to design a fun, adventure-packed experience.

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The benefit of hosted hunts includes the fact that professional organizers know the best challenges, locations, and approaches to make the most of your time in DC. They'll also be able to help out with resources and information to maximize fun and minimize planning, leaving the family free to focus on the most important thing - grabbing the list, and heading out to find everything on it!

Designing your family day out in DC.

If you'd rather gain the full planning experience from your scavenger hunt, why not create the clues, list, and challenges yourself before the day? Liven things up by adding evidence into the challenge, for example getting everyone to take a photo of themselves in specific scenarios, such as hugging a stranger, in a shop display or even piled into a phone booth. There are no rules; whatever works for you as a family is a right thing to add in!  If you have a family reunion doing a Souvenir hunt is a a great way to spend a day.  We have have a group of 14 people one time and we drew names out of a hat for teams of three. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

Taking the homemade scavenger hunt to a new level.

One of the newer ways to make sure your DC scavenger hunt is memorable, fast-paced and exciting is through Geocaching. Known as the "world's largest treasure hunt," caching involves downloading an easy to use app, and then following clues to discover hidden treasure spots and items across DC. Caches include small boxes with a log of all the intrepid explorers who've discovered the place before, and when you find the box, you'll sometimes discover treasures that people have left for you. Take the treasure and replace it with something of equal or greater value, and then mark your successful hunt on the map.

Souvenir Treasure toolsCaching in DC is a great way to keep kids entertained, and provide endless fun while drawing on creativity, teamwork and imagination to fuel the day. Add in the prospect of discovering some of the District's hidden gems such as private parks, statues, and historical monuments, and your cache experience will unearth much more than just a great day out.

Whatever your family likes to get up to, scavenger hunts and caching will let you turn Washington DC into a limitless playground, packed with hidden treasures.


To find out more, visit http://www.watsonadventures.com/ and www.geocaching.com to dig up some brilliant DC family experiences.

Happy hunting!