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Bring the past alive with a Washington DC history tour

All the Museums on the National Mall

If you’re looking for an interesting and fun family day out in Washington DC, you have to check out the outstanding history the Capital’s museums bring to the present. DC has a wealth of entertainment for anyone looking to gen up on the past, with plenty of opportunities to pick up some great Washington DC souvenirs on the way. Here’s the lowdown on some of Washington DC’s most entertaining historical venues…

Washington DC Souvenirs on the Mall

The National Museum of Natural History

For those people interested in nature and the environment, the National Museum of Natural History on 20013-7012 offers free entry to a wealth of specimens, photographs and exhibits. With over 126 million different cultural artefacts and unique specimens, a visit to the museum provides family fun with an element of learning as you make your way around the herbarium, jars of preserved fish, 4000,000 amazing photographs and more. The museum attracts over 15,000 visitors a year, catering from people with a range of interests from history through to environmental studies.

The National Air and Space Museum

Washington DC Natural History

If you’re more interested in things that fly above the ground, than what you may find on it, you need to head to the National Air and Space Museum located on Independence Avenue. The NAMS features

the largest collection of spacecraft and aircraft in the world, and has been around since 1946 collecting a wide range of artefacts and objects of interest for any air enthusiast. With free entry, exhibitions on planetary science, terrestrial geology, aviation, spacecraft and geophysics, the NAMS provides hours of entertainment for people of all ages. It attracts over 6.7 million visitors each year, making it the fifth most popular museum in the world.

The Smithsonian Institution Information Center in the Castle

The Smithsonian Institution Information Centre is your first port of call if you’re hunting out interesting places to visit near the National Mall. The Castle has been a national landmark since 1965, and is a gem in the heart of DC. The main Smithsonian center is housed at the Castle, and offers a range of different displays and interactive maps to combine fun with learning. The Castle also has an interactive computer system that will answer questions you may have, before heading off to the crypt which houses the tomb of James Smithson, right inside the north entrance.

The National Gallery of Art

If you’re more interested in art than science, the National Gallery offers an outstanding collection of sculpture, painting and more. Head to Constitution Avenue and step in to this magical world of creativity, with plenty of activities and events for people of all ages. Outside, there’s a six-acre sculpture garden for wandering and admiring the various displays, before heading inside to check out the great collections. Once inside, experience the diverse range of masterpieces from Monet to Manet which have earned the gallery the title as one of the finest in the world. Even better, there’s plenty of opportunity to browse for great Washington DC souvenirs to keep a treasured record of your trip.

The National Museum of American History

After a stroll around works of art past and present, it’s time to head off to the National Museum of American History located on Constitution Avenue. With free admission and a wealth of fascinating exhibits, there truly is something for all the family in this popular venue. Wander among artefacts including the original Star-Spangled Banner, Abe Lincoln’s top hat and the famous ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz, soaking up this breath-taking collection of US history. For anyone even remotely patriotic, the museum offers a fun, lively and interesting catalog of exhibitions, collections and photographs to inspire the whole family.

The National Archives

The Archives on Pennsylvania Avenue provide an outstanding insight in to the nation’s archival heritage, through a series of collections and exhibits that bring Washington DC alive. It’s been around since 1934, offering tours and events in addition to the huge collection of historical documents and detail chronicling DC’s extensive past. Gaze upon the original Declaration of Independence, and read the Bill of Rights before coming face to face with the Magna Carta from 1297, Louisiana Purchase Treaty and Emancipation Proclamation. Ideal for anyone looking to gain a sense of our vibrant history, the Archives also has a great gift shop to stock up on a range of unique Washington DC souvenirs, including apparel, documents and more.


The US Botanic Gardens

If all the museum sightseeing has left you and your family or friends seeking some outdoor beauty, it’s time to make your final cultural stop at the beautiful US Botanic Garden. This beautiful national treasure is committed to environmental sustainability, and is open every day of the year, with free admission.
Stroll among sweet-scented roses, elegant orchids and a stunning collection of both rare and endangered plants. The gardens feature a conservatory, national garden exhibit and Bartholdi Park, providing visitors with a range of landscapes and climates ranging from jungles to deserts. Wander the galleries and exhibitions, to complete your whirlwind tour of Washington DC’s historic entertainments, before winding up your visit with a well-earned drink and browse in the gift shop, for botanical-themed Washington DC souvenirs and mementos.

With so many outstanding museums on the Mall in DC, there’s something for everyone regardless of your particular interests and hobbies. The Capital offers some of the most famous and popular museums in the world, making a visit a truly memorable, rewarding and interesting experience.

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